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Helping Tire Industry Professionals Understand the Complete Value of TyrFil

Chattanooga, TN (November 8, 2011) - Pathway Polymers,
the flatproofing industry’s leading manufacturer, presents
their newest marketing tool for current and new TyrFil users.

In 1971 Pathway Polymers invented TyrFil, the world’s first
polyurethane material intended to flatproof tires. Eliminating
downtime due to flat tires increased productivity for TyrFil users
forever. Since the beginning, Pathway Polymers has remained a
global technology leader in the tire flatproofing industry, providing
products to the OEM, Construction, Mining and OTR markets worldwide.

Recently Pathway Polymers completed the white paper Tire Fill Provides the Most Reliable, Safe and Cost-Effective Flatproofing Solution” which explains the many benefits of using a tire fill product and provides the data that supports their value statements. With this information, potential users and dealers will learn how TyrFil can add value to their operations. The document also assists potential customers and visitors to Pathway Polymers’ website in understanding the total value of using the products offered by the company. It is another way that Pathway Polymers provides quality customer service and professional marketing tools to support its users and dealers.

tyrfil ArncoPathway is the Original Inventor and Manufacturer of TyrFil. A flatproofing tire fill solution.

To place an order please call: 800-821-4147. For general inquiries please call: 800-251-7642
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